The Train Doesn't Go Anywhere ....Why Would Anyone Use It ?

 Every day I drive past many of the train stations ...never see anyone on the platforms ...see people in the trains ...why would you use it?

As I drive the freeway and look over at the Waipahu Rail Station it is really  a sad sight ..I have never seen anyone on the platform waiting for the train ...why would anyone use it  ?  

You can see off into the distance , looking at the mountains , hills and valley's countless houses with potential rail users ...but for them to use the rail they will either have to ride a bicycle , take a bus , take a Uber,

Once they get to the bus they might as well just stay on the bus because it goes everywhere ...or they can get a transfer. All the buses end at Ala Moana Shopping Center. So why would use the train ?

Its taken almost 15 years to build half the train route.....but that was the easy part of the route . Now its headed down Dillingham into downtown Honolulu . This part will take forever . It is fast becoming a traffic nightmare.