...they could have saved billions of dollars on the over built...over
priced ...rail stations...instead just a plain rail platform would have

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.....every politician involved with the project from the very beginning has
profited from it both coming and going .
...the elevated guideway is a great idea.....its free from the traffic obstacles below.
why did they need steel wheels on steel rails and a 3rd rail......very easily buses
designed to look like trains or something similiar.... the whole entire track system
is going to rust out.....look at Aloha Stadium .   they said the lite coat of rust on the
surface will protect it from further rust .....but what happened was the whole thing ready to be torn down..... was a great idea with great potential ...but they made it to expensive.....they
don't need steel wheels on steel rail and all that money involved... to move
people from point a to point b .... is for sale, rent or long term lease.

.....when the rail project was first introduced it was like a feeding frenzy for sharks....
they slipped it to the general public with low ball bids....
....wait till all that steel rusts out....its already started .
the tracks .....the train wheels are all going to rust out......
......they could have just built the guideway and put buses up there that were designed
to look like trains for 1/10 the cost.
The Honolulu Rapid Transit project is the most costly in the states history. It started
out great on paper but but very quickly went downhill. Beset with lawsuits from the
very beginning on everthing you can think of to a full year of stoppage. Anti rail people
slowed it down and cost it lots of money. When rail was first introduced it was portrayed
as a job creator .They said thousands of jobs would be created with people working 
everywhere day and night. The truth is whenever you see construction you never see any
people just a skeleton crew. A few guys working. This project was like a shark feeding 
frenzy to every politician involved. The Honolulu City Council was taking trips all over
the world looking at different rail systems . Every single politician involved with the 
has benefited from it coming and going . The rail system is in the dire mess its in because
of all the politicians and their greedy hands .Some more than others . The project
was sold to the people on unrealistic bids. By the time it comes time to build it has doubled
in price. The Honolulu City Council just dragged all the people thru the mud because they
could not figure out how to pay for the projects completion all the way to Ala Moana . The
easiest way was to just have a 1/2 percent general excise tax. Nobody feels it and its still under
5 percent of the lowest in the nation. But no they had to add a hotel tax which  further
throws Hawaii in the most expensive places to visit . Already the hotel room tax is high but
they had to make it unbearable . This was not good business . 
   The project started at 5.6 billion and now is at 9 billion and when its completely finished
will run over 10 billion. The steel wheels on steel rail is probably the worst choice you can
make for the hot humid rainy climate . Already the steel is rusting out .The track that has
been laid is already coated in a layer of rust. Maybe they could have just used buses designed
to look like a train and ran on a guideway . What about the power to run this electric mass
transit system .It has not been designed yet and as of now the city does not know how to 
power it. 
     I pity any company that has to work with the Honolulu City Council and the politicians
involved . The politicians that had in the beginning and the politicians that have it now have 
all profited from it  either being for or against it . Their supporters all give them money 
hoping it will change things.