Mainland Cities Are Sending Their Homeless To Honolulu

Honolulu's homeless problem is being perpetuated by many states giving their homeless
one way tickets to Hawaii. You see them everywhere now . These are people that come here
just to collect benefits ,do crime , dirty our streetswith  all their trash and crap, yes human waste everywhere .
    Seattle , Los Angeles , San Francisco , Portland routinely give their homeless one way
tickets to Honolulu. They come here and then become our problem . Go into Waikiki and you
them begging everywhere. They sit on the low wall
    These are the sanctuary cities with their high moral code that deal with their problem by
just giving it to another city . Cities that once were beautiful but now are cesspools of human
waste and misery. With failing policies more and more people are just giving up and looking
to the government for a handout.